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Our Logo

The Pentagon

There are five dimensions to our existence – the physical, the cognitive, the emotional, the social, and the spiritual. The Pentagon that encompasses the emblem signifies the desire for the all-round development of every student of Chatrabhuj Narsee School.

Four Pillars

The pillars in the emblem represent the four-pillars of learning: Learning to learn; learning to do; learning to be; and learning to live in peace and harmony, which form the essence of the School’s vision statement. These four pillars shape the destiny of every child.

It can also be noted that the pillars have a very modest design. This embraces a belief of the School: A simple thing done extraordinarily is what leads to success in life. The pillars are also of unequal length, symbolizing that each student will have the space to define how they can translate the School’s vision to suit themselves best.

The Foundation

- From Knowledge To Life is the foundation of the Chatrabhuj Narsee School experience. The three layers of stone at the foundation stand for knowledge that is acquired from our culture; knowledge that is gained through reflection of current events; and a dynamic curriculum that shapes the thinking skills of the student – thus preparing them for a meaningful life in the future.

The Roof

The Roof of the edifice in the emblem has a peaked apex. This is to symbolize the drive towards excellence that each student is encouraged to demonstrate with a passion in all forms of learning imparted at the school, in keeping with the motto of the school that all learning should lead to a better life.

From knowledge to life