About us


We are all capable of excellence. Some find this path intuitively while others need to be gently led from the edge of the nadir, to the very zenith of greatness. Accepting this outlook means raising the bar for myself and my colleagues. I see this not as an obligation but as a wonderful opportunity to enrich the life of those who walk through our portals. As we set forth, I look towards discovering profound acts of courage and goodness in everyday tasks. I also look for community and parent support in creating an environment of mutual collaboration and respect so that this school becomes a place of countless opportunities to learn and grow.

We have witnessed a significant demand in the change of educational practices today. Technology has created a paradigm shift in the relationship between the teacher and the learner; but I believe that the teacher still remains the decisive element in the classroom. Teachers must be determined to make a difference in the Education initiatives today speak of empowering the community and building enduring relationships. 



The Narsee Monjee and the Gundecha family have stood as pillars of society since the early 1970s, in the fields of education and realty respectively. Their dream of creating a new-age school with international practices and quality infrastructure with the underlying motto “From Knowledge to Life” will bear testimony to this change. Here at the Chatrabhuj Narsee School, we endeavour to bring about change; one student at a time. This begins by empowering students to find a purpose and direction for their lives. By nurturing a sense of responsibility, we strive to mould self-disciplined young men and women who will be able to contribute to society. The final purpose of education is to help generate strong, confident individuals, with sound moral beliefs who are capable of making a difference in their lifetime.

Tomorrow’s world is in
our classroom today!
Let us begin.